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Las Vegas I Nevada

Located on the edge of Downtown Las Vegas, 308 is a 19-unit apartment building that seamlessly blends modern living with the charm of a historic neighborhood. The building's unique and overlooked site is maximized to unlock its full potential, resulting in a dense yet comfortable living space. The building is comprised entirely of well-designed studio apartments, promoting an efficient lifestyle while incorporating large operable windows that allow for plenty of natural light and fresh air circulation.

As part of its commitment to sustainability and future-focused urban living, 308 is conveniently located near public transit options and offers secure bike storage for its residents. By making strategic design choices and being mindful of the project budget, the building's exterior has been transformed into an eye-catching display of modern architecture. The result is an impressive curb appeal that sets the building apart from its surroundings.

Overall, 308 is a perfect example of how modern architecture can enhance the character and livability of a neighborhood while still providing contemporary comforts and amenities.

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